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Will Australia match the widening taxation disparity with NZ?   Unless our Federal Government is prepared to amend the Australian legislation to match NZ and at least put our breeders on a 'level playing field' situation, the adverse effects on the currently booming Australian Thoroughbred Industry which is enjoying record exports will be dramatic.  Click Here for a comparison.

    ATO is currently targeting the Horse Racing Industry The Tax Office is comparing it's records with information from principal racing authorities, Centrelink, Registrar of Racehorses and commercial internet databases.

The Tax Office is stepping up it's effort now targeting track-work riders and stable hands. Employing Trainers are also being reminded to properly brief their staff and contract workers.

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Thoroughbred Tax Consultants are specialised Tax Agents who can prepare your 2010 and 2011 tax return and any other outstanding returns. Thoroughbred Tax Consultants will help to ensure you gain maximum tax deductions and entitlements.

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Thoroughbred Tax Consultants will grant a 10% discount and priority granted to those who register before 30 June

You may register either by the above link or by telephoning 07 5597 4054 and mention this website.

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While our clients focus on their core business/s, Thoroughbred Tax Consultants concentrate on providing specialised accounting & tax services for the Australian Horse Industry insuring clients are gaining maximum deductions and entitlements.

  • Are you confident your enterprise is a business / hobby and that the Taxman agrees?
  • Does your Accountant really understand your business?
  • Are you claiming all the deductions you are entitled to?
  • Do you understand the real capital gains implications when you sell a thoroughbred you purchase at auctions such as the Magic Millions or Inglis Yearling sales?
  • Are you aware of the GST implications of sending your Mare for service to an overseas stud?
  • Do you want to concentrate on your core business?


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Information provided by Thoroughbred Tax Consultants for Horse Trainers

Information provided by Thoroughbred Tax Consultants for horse breeders and thoroughbred owners.

Horses Racing
“...I had no idea all the
deductions I could claim,
TTC lets me concentrate
on riding without the
nagging worries of keeping my tax affairs in order.”

Grant McCarthy, Jockey


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